Green Futures Lab

Nancy Rottle

Director & Professor of Landscape Architecture

Nancy Rottle, RLA, FASLA, is a Professor at the University of Washington where she is on the faculties of Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Urban Planning and Design. As Director of the Green Futures Research and Design Lab she leads projects addressing urban and regional green infrastructure, including parks and open space, habitat, stormwater, active transport and community design. A licensed landscape architect, Professor Rottle’s many years of professional practice facilitates her bridging of academic research and applied planning and design. Nancy lectures globally and in addition to publishing numerous papers and book chapters, she is the co-author of Basics Landscape Architecture: Ecological Design (AVA Press 2011), co-editor of a special issue of Places Journal on Climate Change and Place (2007), and vice-chair of the 2014 edited Water Environment Federation volume, Green Infrastructure Implementation.

Emma Petersen

Student Lab Manager

Emma will be entering her third and final year in the MLA program this upcoming fall. This will be her second year as the GFL Student Lab Manager. Emma received her Bachelor’s of Science in City and Regional Planning from California Polytechnic State University SLO in 2016. Her specific interests lie in environmental restoration, design, innovation and policy.

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Current Team

Nancy Rottle, RLA, FASLA
Emma Petersen, MLA Candidate
Erynne Van Zee, MLA Candidate
Stuart Johnson, MLA Candidate
Leann Andrews, RLA, SEED, PhD Candidate
Julie Kriegh, AIA, LEED AP, PhD Candidate
Ikuno Masterson, AICP, LEED AP
Heidi Kandathil, MUP
Vera Giampietro, MLA, MUP
Janet Lee, MLA
Roxanne Lee
James Wohlers
Matt MacDonald
Amos Chan
Rhys Van Bemmel
Sara Hakanson
John Owen
Daniel Novak
Katie Messick
Ashley Powell
Robin Snelling

Faculty and Professional Partners and Affiliates

Mason Bowles, Senior Ecologist, King County
John Owen, Architect, Makers Architecture
Dr. Richard Horner, Research Associate Professor of LA (Emeritus)
Julie Kriegh, AIA, LEED AP
Jill Sterrett, FAICP
Dr. Fritz Wagner, Northwest Center for Livable Communities
Dr. Ken Yocom, Associate Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture
Ben Spencer, Associate Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture
Gehl Architects, Copenhagen
Schulze + Grassov, Copenhagen
SvR Design, Seattle
Jones & Jones, Seattle
Pomegranate Center, Issaquah
Earthcorps, Seattle
Solterra Systems, Seattle
Earth Economics
The Trust for Public Land
Jeffrey Raker, MUP
Ginger Daniel, MLA
UW Evans School

Project Sponsors and Funders

The Bullitt Foundation
The Russell Family Foundation
UW Campus Sustainability Fund
UW Green Seed Fund
WA Department of Ecology
WA Sea Grant
ScanDesign Foundation
TKF Foundation
National Park Service
Sustainable Path Foundation
City of Edmonds
City of Burlington, Skagit County, WA Department of Commerce
City of Kirkland
City of Seattle

Student and Staff Alumni

Sophie Krause
Kevin Van Meter
Kasia Keeley
Jeffrey Raker
Ginger Daniel
Cat Silva
Jess Hamilton
Cayce James
Leslie Batten
Harley Pan
Jonathan Konkol
Chris Ewing
David Tomlinson
Katie Hunt
Laura Poulin
James Donaldson
Erin McDonald
Ryan Ulsberger
Hossein Estiri
Lisa Towne
Taj Hanson
Andrea Gousen
Malia Langworthy
Emily Perchlik
Hillary Pritchett
Maria Sandercock
Susan Costa
Amanda Bosse
Mike Schwindeller
Jordan Lewis
Peter Cromwell
Ashle Fauvre
Jennifer Richter
Jenny Hampton (Kempson)
Mary Fialko
Janine Matthews
Brad Shipley
Betsy Jacobson
Tom Jamieson
Eric Scharnhorst
Katherine Wimble
Annika McIntosh
Szu-Yu Huang
Erik Murillo
Delia Lacson
Matt Chism
Pam Emerson
Evan Henrich
David Bramer
Liz Stenning
Joshua Miller
Heide Martin
Linda Pham
Danielle Pierce
Heather Flint Chatto