Green Futures Design and Research Lab

Resources: #seattle

International Sustainable Institute

Resource library of publicly available sustainability materials including topics on the following: built environment, energy, mobility, social sustainability, waste and water management.

Seattle Office of Sustainability

The purpose of this site is to inform and inspire individuals and organizations--both within and outside City government--to take actions that help make Seattle a model of healthy, ecologically sustainable urban living.

Urban Ecology Research Lab

This research lab focuses on assessing the environmental implications of alternative urban development patterns including human and natural systems, human health and oceans, land change cover models and landscape patterns, using GIS and remote sensing techniques.

Urban Form Lab

The Urban Form Lab (UFL) is a research center at the College of Built Environments focused on urban morphology including relationships between transportation and urban form, and between physical activity (walking and biking) and environments, land supply monitoring for infill and redevelopment, compact development patterns in suburban areas, the development of housing typologies.

UW Landscape Architecture Department

This department features Master and Bachelor degree programs focused on urban ecological design including research and studio projects on ecological infrastructure, culturally-based place-making, design for ecological literacy and human and environmental health.