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Re-Planting the Biodiversity Green Wall

August 08 2017

​After a few months of troubleshooting an irrigation issue, the Green Wall has been successfully re-planted! Continuing to provide a learning opportunity for students in UW’s College of Built Environments, the Green Futures Lab will continue collecting performance data on this living wall, researching its effects and sharing our results with the public, academic, and professional communities. Many thanks to the UW Campus Sustainability Fund, the College of Built Environments, all of our student volunteers, and everyone else who has helped bring the wall back to life.

New nest discovered on the biodiversity green wall

New nest discovered on the biodiversity green wall

May 09 2014
Habitat on our Green Wall! Today we discovered an expanding family of juncos!
Green Wall Demonstration Video

Green Wall Demonstration Video

November 19 2012
Check out our official video trailer of the Biodiversity Green Wall, Edible Green Screen and Water Harvesting Demonstration Project! Filmed and edited by our MLA student Harley Pan!

Green roof website launched

August 12 2009

GFL research scientists Danielle Pierce and Dave Bramer have developed a website that will enable researchers, students, and professionals to access information about recent and innovative green roof projects in Seattle and beyond.