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Re-Planting the Biodiversity Green Wall

Re-Planting the Biodiversity Green Wall

August 08 2017

​After a few months of troubleshooting an irrigation issue, the Green Wall has been successfully re-planted! Continuing to provide a learning opportunity for students in UW’s College of Built Environments, the Green Futures Lab will continue collecting performance data on this living wall, researching its effects and sharing our results with the public, academic, and professional communities. Many thanks to the UW Campus Sustainability Fund, the College of Built Environments, all of our student volunteers, and everyone else who has helped bring the wall back to life.

ROSS Wins Local and National Awards

ROSS Wins Local and National Awards

January 28 2017
ROSS won an ASLA Honor Award as well as a WASLA Merit Award in Analysis and Planning!
New ROSS website launched!!

New ROSS website launched!!

November 12 2014
Check out the new website for the Regional Open Space Strategy (ROSS) project!!
Bird perches installed on the Biodiversity Green Wall

Bird perches installed on the Biodiversity Green Wall

July 30 2014
Our observations of the Biodiversity Green Wall revealed a need for perches for birds to rest on as they forage or collect nesting materials. Thanks to some funding from the UW Campus Sustainability Fund we...
New nest discovered on the biodiversity green wall

New nest discovered on the biodiversity green wall

May 09 2014
Habitat on our Green Wall! Today we discovered an expanding family of juncos!

GFL receives a UW Green Seed Fund award for monitoring the Green Wall

February 26 2014

In its first year of operation the UW Green Seed Fund has awarded the GFL an opportunity to monitor the effects of the Biodiversity Green Wall, Edible Green Screen, and Water Harvesting System. Check out the Daily article on the Green Seed Fund, including excerpts from an interview with GFL director, Nancy Rottle.

The Green Futures Lab goes to Taiwan!

The Green Futures Lab goes to Taiwan!

July 21 2013
Green Futures Lab director, Nancy Rottle, and lab manager, Leann Andrews were invited to Taiwan to participate in the 2013 International Co-operative Workshop ‘’Green Wave – The Way to Green Capital.” The workshop is focused...
Floating Wetlands Launched in Lower Stensland Creek

Floating Wetlands Launched in Lower Stensland Creek

July 18 2013
Ten floating wetland modules were launched in Lower Stensland Creek to improve water quality and reduce water temperature. The modules were designed as part of a seminar class held last spring funded by Waterfront Construction,...
Public Forum in Burlington, WA

Public Forum in Burlington, WA

July 10 2013
On July 10th, representatives from the Green Futures Lab and the City of Burlington held a public forum to present ideas for the redevelopment of their downtown core and the implementation of green stormwater infrastructure....
Green Wall Demonstration Video

Green Wall Demonstration Video

November 19 2012
Check out our official video trailer of the Biodiversity Green Wall, Edible Green Screen and Water Harvesting Demonstration Project! Filmed and edited by our MLA student Harley Pan!

Stormwater Symposium

November 10 2012

A group of 25 Danish professionals, comprised of utility managers, faculty and graduate students spent six days exploring urban green infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest and San Francisco. The University of Washington Green Futures Lab assisted with arrangements for the Pacific Northwest portion of the tour where a diverse range of activities that provided the group with opportunities to learn about stormwater strategies in the Pacific Northwest and engage with leaders in the field.

The Green Future Lab hosted a symposium where local, regional, national and international professionals came together to share successes in sustainable stormwater management. This unique event was a collaboration between the University of Washington Green Futures Lab, ScanlDesign Foundation, University of Copenhagen and the City of Seattle.

Green Wall receives Honorable Mention for the What Makes It Green Award

May 29 2012

The Biodiversity Green Wall, Edible Green Screen and Water Harvesting Demonstration Project just won an Honorable Mention for the What Makes It Green Award. Construction began on May 25! Check out WMIG’s webpage.

Waterfront Stormwater Solutions project receives a WASLA Professional Award

May 20 2012

GFL’s Waterfront Stormwater Solutions project won a 2012 WASLA Professional Award in the Research, Planning and Analysis Category!

Grant awarded for a pilot waterfront stormwater solutions project in the town of coupeville, wa

February 12 2012

The Department of Ecology recently awarded a $495,523 Watershed Protection and Restoration grant to the Waterfront Stormwater Solutions pilot project in the Town of Coupeville. Partners include the Town of Coupeville, Green Futures Lab and SvR Design. Stay tuned as the project proceeds through design development and into construction this summer. Grant Announcement

Nord Alley Party

October 07 2010

GFL, ISI, and Feet First are hosting an evening of art, live music and refreshments in the Nord Alley located in Pioneer Square. Photographic works by Jordan Lewis will explore the architectural elements of Pioneer Square’s alleyways as well as the potential for alternative models of interaction with our built environment. The Nord Alley will also showcase UW student design proposals focusing on the untapped potential of alleyways to improve the quality of urban public life.

Regional Open Space Strategy | 4 County Stakeholder Workshop and Visioning Session

September 23 2010

GFL and the NWCLC are hosting a workshop and visioning session to develop a vision for how this project can best support the wealth of local and regional knowledge in open space planning and management in the Central Puget Sound Basin. We have invited a range of participants from the four county region, representing interests and expertise that include: local parks and open space planning and management; land trusts; farmland preservation; forest resources; aquatic and terrestrial ecology; open space policy development; cultural and historical lands management; public outreach and participation; and others.

Article Published: “Green Skins” Grow in the Emerald City, by GFL Green Roof Researcher

September 02 2010

An article was recently published in the Daily Journal of Commerce by GFL Green Roof Researcher Danielle Pierce describing the process and research behind the Green Roof Performance Study.

GFL staffer travels to Geneva, Switzerland to develop green infrastructure concept

July 13 2010

Green roof research scientist David Bramer is one of nine U.S. landscape architecture students chosen to help draft a sustainable landscape for the U.S. mission to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. The students will work together with three Swiss landscape architecture students and under the guidance of three American landscape architecture educators to develop a sustainable landscape design concept that improves the landscape’s environmental performance.

READ MORE: SustainableCities Collective; LAND

Regional Open Space Strategy scoping project launched

July 11 2010

The Bullitt Foundation has provided funding for the GFL and the Northwest Center for Livable Communities (NWCLC), to develop a Regional Open Space Strategy (ROSS) that will identify measures to conserve and enhance open space systems that contribute to the ecological, economic, recreational and aesthetic vitality of our region. As envisioned, the ROSS will include portions of King, Snohomish, Pierce and Kitsap County in the Puget Sound Basin. This summer’s efforts will focus on a portion of the Cedar River watershed as a case study to identify the techniques and procedures for subsequent phases.

Visit the ROSS website.

Green roof pilot project launched

April 20 2010

The Green Futures Lab is collaborating with the Department of Biology, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Built Environments department of Landscape Architecture to realize a green roof demonstration project. The project is located on the UW campus alongside the Botany Greenhouse.

Design for Livability: Sustainable Cities Forum

October 21 2009

The Green Futures Lab and the Integrated Design Lab participated in the Design for Livability Conference by inviting conference participants to contribute project suggestions for inclusion in the Greater Seattle Green Guide. Students and conference participants contributed several dozen new projects - thank you to everyone who participated!

Green roof website launched

August 12 2009

GFL research scientists Danielle Pierce and Dave Bramer have developed a website that will enable researchers, students, and professionals to access information about recent and innovative green roof projects in Seattle and beyond.

Interns work with the GFL, ISI, and the City of Seattle

April 13 2009

Gehl interns Katherine Wimble and Eric Scharnhorst adapted Gehl methodology to conduct a study of the pedestrian environment around three light rail stations (Othello, Mt. Baker, and Beacon Hill) in order to capture baseline data on existing conditions of the areas before Sound Transit operations begin in July 2009. Within a 1/4 mile radius of each of the three stations, they mapped existing infrastructure in the right of way (sidewalks, places to sit, awnings, etc.) as well as spatialized, qualitative data (issues of scale, invitation, eyes on the street, evidence of illicit behavior, etc.). All of the data has been digitized with Arc-GIS and will be presented to the City of Seattle and Neighborhood Planning groups.

Streets for People Kickoff Forum

February 01 2009

Green Futures Lab participated in the Streets for People Kickoff Forum on Thursday, February 12, 2009. This event was sponsored by the Seattle Great City Initiative, and was attended by representative from many local organizations, firms, and activist groups.

Presenters at the event included:

  • James Inwin | Organizing in the Obama era
  • Renee Espiau | New York City Streets Renaissance Campaign
  • Michael McGinn | Director of the Great City Initiative

For more information about the event and the Streets for the People Initiative, visit the Seattle Great City Initiative website.